Recovery Database Network

Built For Repossessors

Throw away the paper and the clip board. RDN is powerful and easy. Repossession software the way it should be.

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RDN Software Features

Automated Communications

Lower your staffing and payroll costs with RDN's automated communication tools.

End-to-End Repossession

From skip tracing to field call visits, repossession companies can manage their accounts from start to finish.

Secured Environment

All data transfer is encrypted, and clients can implement dual factor authentication, ensuring security of all NPI and more.

Third Party Integrations

License plate recognition (LPR), skip tracing, plate purchasing, remarketing services and more are available with RDN's third party integrations.

Access to Lenders

Over 600+ national lenders and 2,500+ service providers use RDN to assign cases.

Support & Training

Our support and training programs will have you up and running quickly.

Core Benefits for Recovery Agents

RDN helps repossession companies improve recovery performance and increase operational efficiency while providing full security and transparency.

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Improve Recovery Performance

  • Decrease recovery and investigation cycle times
  • Easily benchmark and compare agent performance
  • Benefit from deep, incisive analytics
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Increase Operational Efficiency and Compliance Management

  • Eliminate or reduce manual processes
  • Automate business/compliance rules and service level agreements
  • Integrate existing systems seamlessly
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Full Security and Transparency

  • Complete audit trail for all activities
  • Multi-factor user authentication
  • Fully encrypted data storage and transmission

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