Collateral Management

Cleardata is the easiest way for teams to manage their collateral. Managing the post-recovery process has never been more seamless

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Cleardata Software Features

System of Record

The team at Cleardata is dedicated to creating the ultimate system of record for repossessors.


Utilizing modern cloud infrastructure, Cleardata has engineered the most secure system in the industry.


Cleardata complies with the latest regulations and audit processes from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

Strategic Partnerships

Cleardata is strategically partnered with many of the industry's top lenders, forwarding companies and data providers.


Cleardata is fully integrated with highly robust software platforms, including Clearplan repossession software and RDN.

Support & Training

Our support and training programs will have you up and running immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cleardata?

Cleardata is a platform for the repossession industry. Cleardata helps you manage and track all the post-recovery processes and tasks that need to be completed before the collateral can leave your lot.

Is Cleardata integrated with Clearplan?

Yes! Cleardata is 100% integrated with Clearplan, the industry leader in repo software.

Why should I use Cleardata?

Cleardata presents the most important repossession information and allows the user to quickly make strategic decisions.

When can I use Cleardata?

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