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Running a repossession company and working in the field as an agent is hard. Long hours and stressful engagements with debtors are the norm. Your repossession software should be easy.

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Core Products for Repossessors

To run a successful repossession company, you'll need 3 important things:

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RDN streamlines communication and connects repossessors to lenders, credit unions and forwarders.

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Clearplan's real-time repossession software streamlines communication between agents and the office.

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Cleardata's integrated software helps teams process recovered units faster, with less mistakes.

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RDN is the repossession industry's premier and most reliable and trusted repossession software. Serving Repossessors since 2002, RDN is the largest system of record.

RDN helps repossession companies and agents manage their accounts by providing a secure, encrypted software platform to track repossession orders. Over 600+ national lenders, and 2,500+ service providers use RDN to assign cases.

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Clearplan is redefining the way agents run accounts. Gone are the days of clipboards and paper. Clearplan helps agents run accounts in the field faster and more efficiently. Clearplan has created the language of the industry with iconology specific to repossession.

Clearplan helps thousands of repossession professionals secure collateral faster.

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Managing collateral post-recovery shouldn't be hard. Processing personal property, scheduling transports and creating debtor appointments are now simplified with Cleardata's post recovery software system.

Cleardata is revolutionizing the way recovery companies operate after units are recovered. Cleardata is a must-have tool in every repossessor's arsenal.

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