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Field agents and office managers rely on Clearplan day-in and day-out to do their jobs. Clearplan handles all your repossession workflow management, logistics & reporting.

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Clearplan Software Features

Designed for the Repossession Industry

Clearplan was built by repossessors for repossessors.

A New Way to Run Accounts

Clearplan helps repo companies take control of their daily workflow to maximize company efficiency.

Mobility First

Clearplan gives management teams the tools they need to guide agents toward faster recovery times and more frequent updates.

Advanced Integrations

Clearplan is integrated with the best tools in the industry. These advanced integrations enable repo companies to concentrate on what they're good at: repossessing cars!

Visual Iconology

Clearplan is the language of the repossession industry. Clearplan's icons are the way repossessors communicate with the people around them. Clearplan's icons create organization and communication.

More Than A Map

Clearplan is more than a map for repossession companies. It's a high yield investment, and a necessary management tool that helps repo companies manage the complexities of their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clearplan?

Clearplan is software made to optimize repossessions — We help thousands of repossession professionals secure collateral faster. We give you tools that eliminate confusion and put your entire team on the same page.

Who is Clearplan built for?

Clearplan is designed for the repossession industry and is the language of the industry. It's the way repossession companies communicate with their agents.

Does Clearplan have any integrations?

Yes! Clearplan is integrated with all the tools repossessors need to be successful.

Does Clearplan have a mobile app?

Yes! Clearplan has an iOS app and also has an Android app for repossessors in the field.